Caribation IT-Training

Learning IT in the Caribbean

Over 3 000 000 people travel to the Dominican Republic each year, most as tourists. While everyone enjoys our beaches and mountains some travellers would also like to improve their IT-skills.

Caribation extends this offer to website owners, webmasters, programmers and eCommerce entrepreneurs who are eager to add more IT-power to their projects.

All courses are instructor led. We do not offer online courses.

Loks like learning on the beach...
But it isn't. All courses are scheduled to take 8 hours a day and take place in a conference room of a 4-Star hotel. While it is located on a beautiful beach, you won't have time for a swim during classes. The class hours are 9:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. for american students and start even earlier for our european participants.

What can I learn?

Our courses cover the most practical aspects of the web business: PHP, Database (MySQL), Zend Framework, eCommerce with Magento Web-Shop, Web Design with HTML5 and CSS. Caribation IT-Training is all about practical, down-to-earth computing. We want you to come back home and apply what you have learned immediately onto your own web site. Most classes are organized in a workshop mode, which means that you practice on the notebook you bring with you, taking home the material you have learned

Latest News

Paypal payments integration

Winter 2016: Paypal workshop.
Struggling to integrate Paypal payments into your website? Let's make it easier together. In this half-day, hands-on workshop we'll show you how. For PHP programmers and webmasters with PHP skills.

news about it training and bitcoin technology

Fall 2014: Bitcoin training.
We are excited to offer a beginners workshop about bitcoins. Bring your own notebook and you'll leave with some BTC on it - we promise. No programming skills are necessary.

news about it training and web technology

Winter 2013/14: Zend Framework 2.
We are starting the winter semester with a new workshop: My first week with ZF2. Designed for PHP developers who never hat time to switch to Zend Framework 2.

news about it training and web technology

Caribation now offers One-on-One coaching. The instructor has only one student to take care of.

news about it training and web technology

Whats so sexy about HTML5? The speed (Web Sockets), made for mobile webs, offline data storage, multimedia power (Video without YouTube), design magic. At Caribation we are badly missing teachers for HTML5 + CSS3, but you can have a glimpse on the best HTML5 Webseite of the world

news about it training and web technology

10 reasons to use Zend Framework.
Niko Bautista has written en excellent article about 10 resons why you should choose Zend over other frameworks. Among the most important are class extensions, validation power, the wealth of components, community and documentation. And that's not all...

news about it training and web technology

Book recommendation on Web Design
Paper books aren't quiet dead yet. Whether on the plane or on the boat: you will never know everything about web design. There is a great book on the market about building HTML and HTML5 pages, use of style sheets (CSS) for formatting text, APIs, CSS3 and more: please have a look at "Learning Web Design" by Jennifer Niederst Robbins.